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Vandød was a rather short lived old school black metal band from Trondheim in Norway. Playing a
style true to the old Norwegian black metal roots, cold and grim yet with a melodic twist. Taking
their inspiration from the early days of bands such as Ulver, Emperor, Burzum, Darkthrone, Kampfar
and Taake. The idea behind the band came to mind by Varskrik (Vocals) and Svartsinn (bass) in the early winter of 2002,
wanting to play old school black metal in a time when most other BM bands were reaching for the stars.
When they soon were joined by Gjenferd (guitars) and Myhrd (drums), the band quickly had a handful of songs
and decided they needed two guitarists to make the sound the way they wanted it to be. Enter Hinmand, the melodic
sound got implemented and Vandød became a very respected band in their short few years of grimness.

Varskrik and Svartsinn have since the band split up, been wanting to release these songs because the demand
has been surprisingly high even to this day. We offer you now the rehearsal demo the band recorded in 2004 in
its pure form, no other version of it survived and no other songs or releases exist...

Varskrik and Svartsinn was for a long time trying to get some new songs going, but the magic was gone. So we
will let this release be our last cold breath before we put the final frost nail in the ice coffin.

"En hyllest til de Vandøde, minner fra fordums tider, ei skal de glemmes".